Friday, March 21, 2014

U is for Unconditionally by Katy Perry AND for uncontrollable tears

I was going to post about one of the first lessons I got from my life coach which is "watch your words" and I will, eventually. However, last night while catching up on "The Voice" (don't judge) and this morning in meditation I had uncontrollable bouts of tears. Not full-on crying, but somewhere between tears and sobbing. (below I might refer to it as crying, just go with me...)

This isn't the first time this has happened and I can't recall each one, but what I CAN recall is the first time it happened. It was in spin class. At like 7:15 a.m (ish). I kid you not. And it was during a sprint-up-a-hill excercise. Yeah, I know, tears of pain, but it wasn't that. The song we were sprinting to was "Unconditionally" by Katy Perry (my spin instructor has the same 16 year-old girl taste in music as me, LOVE IT!). As it's playing the water works are starting to fill up. So...there I was, sprinting up a hill when the tears just started flowing. I wasn't thinking of anything, I was just listening to the song, concentrating on every hurting muscle. I was a bit WTF-ish but it went away so I just filed it under "stuff I don't want to recognize." 

Then, a few days later it happened again. WTFA (A being again...I think you know what WTF stands for)! Not to the song, or to anything pertaining to muscles or Katy but to someone's emotional outburst before meditation class (let me just note here that I wouldn't call it an emotional outburst in a crazy kind of way, because I'd hate you to think we are all looneys—hey, I thought it at one point—it was more a of a heated discussion amongst some peeps before we sat, but for blogging purposes emotional outburst has a bit more flair). 

Now, I'm not so cold that I don't get emotional during my non-PMS weeks but this was a bit ridiculous. Two times in like a week? And to have no rhyme or reason to my recently new stunt was kind of freaking me out. So I asked Dr. Kim. And what he told me was an old Korean saying, "New liquor, new cups." Umm, ok....yeah. So he explained (because my face tells you exactly what I'm thinking and at this point I was thinking I'm giving this guy money to put needles in my face? great.): as I meditate and do acupuncture and yes, work with my life coach, I am becoming more compassionate. More in touch. With feelings, emotions, other people, MYSELF, other (dare I say) energy. Meaning, I am transforming who I am. (buh-bye hater) So with this newer, realer me, comes newer, realer emotions. And tricks, like crying on cue. I kinda liked it (the explanation). And now I embrace it. 

So if you you see me and I look a little blotchy-eyed, it's not the medicinal (no, really, I don't even have a card), its the compassion. So just pass me a tissue.

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