Thursday, March 20, 2014

H is for Haters. As in, haters gonna hate...

In full disclosure, I was a hater. Or, rather, I'm a recovering hater. So, on top of Type A, or maybe because I'm Type A, I have hating issues to deal with. And I mean HATING. Every thought had me down a negative spiral abyss. Road Rage, the finger, yelling, jealousy, self-disgust, horn honking, mean jokes, sarcastic (albeit funny if you ask me) remarks and so on bled into body and truly altered the quality of my thoughts. I was also surrounded by haters. My ex hated his job, hated LA (yeah, I don't get that either), hated people he didn't agree ex-boss was a hater, too. But the amount of hate he had is it's own blog, let alone post and I just don't want to give him that honor. 

So, back to hating. Haters attract haters. That's why I was dating who I was dating and working for whom I was working for. It also breeds negativity. Throw in the fact that I'm a neurotic NY Jew and what you (or rather, I) ended up with was stomach issues, back issues, sleep issues, dating issues, work issues, posture...see where I am going with this? I had more issues than National Geographic.

But I digress...I am telling you all of this because I feel it's important for you to understand a little bit about where I was coming from. I didn't just go off on some spiritual journey because everyone in SoCal is doing it (and they are). I did it because it kinda fell into my lap and I made a rash decision to try it. 

(Note: I wasn't all hate. I laugh, I go out, I have fun, I challenge myself, I love my dog, but deep inside my core I hated. I feel the need to say this so you don't think I'm some evil, ugly soul with no heart. Ok, that's just me prizing myself...another blog post down the line)

One day, after weeks of PT for my back, a break-up I couldn't get over and a project I couldn't wait to be over, I was in pain. All kinds of pain. Enter 2 people whom now I believe I was supposed to meet. One who referred me to my acupuncturist, Dr. Kim and the other passed along a number of a life coach. Both saw right away how twisted I was. Now, let me just say I am NOT one of those flakey, loosey-goosey Venetians who doesn't believe in Western Medicine. On the contrary. I think the person who invented Vicodin and Motrin are BRILLIANT. But it failed me. And I was at personal rock bottom (no kleenex, I'm not looking for sympathy).

So, my new mentors began their work on me. What was crazy was each one was pretty much saying the same thing to me in different ways (and Dr. Kim's Korean accent added to that for sure). I decided if 2 people were saying these "things" they both can't be wrong. So I started to listen. And did what they said. And now I am a recovering Hater. No 12-step program. Well, not really. And I still hate, um, I mean dislike, time to time, but I'm am so much better at getting a hold over it. And the steps I took are exactly what I'll be sharing with you.

Starting with watching my words. Which I'll explore in another post. So let me leave you with this...haters gonna hate but they aint' gonna date or relate or meditate. Unless they get help. 

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